• ArtLead from the tip of a mechanical pencil drawing a curve onto the surface of the paper.
  • DesignA cursor hovering next to a corner of a rectangle. Guides and points are shown like in most design software.
  • DevelopmentA new branch of code is created, next to which a command prompt is shown with a blinking cursor.

I’m Richard Fu, an artist, designer, and developer who loves blue - #11d3e7 to be exact.

Selected Works

  • Three white pentagonal electronic devices with circular screens on the top. Each screen is displaying information related to budgeting and spending habits.


    • white
    • light gray
    • UI design
    • product design
  • A white cylindrical fin loft model holding up an egg against a bright yellow background.


    • light mustard
    • light grey
    • dark salmon
    • product design
    • photgraphy
    • RISD
  • White headphones with dark gold accents.


    • white
    • silver
    • dark gold
    • product design
    • CAD
    • RISD

You can find more work on the projects page or view an index of all my work in the archive.