Exploded 1200D

Exploded model of a DSLR camera.


Ever wondered what a DSLR looks like on the inside? I did, so I took apart a broken Canon EOS 1200D and made it into an exploded view model. This project was part of a RISD ID course taught by Max Pratt.

  • faded jade
  • orange
  • black
Model making
Rhode Island School of Design


Parts Index

As part of the disassembly process, the Canon EOS 1200D Parts Index was created to help me keep track of all the different components. Each component has a short description with links to relevant parts.

An iPad Pro displaying a list of parts from the camera.


A shaded graphite render of an exploded Canon camera. Everything from the PCBs to the mirror box is visible.


Three-quarter side view of the final exploded view model. Each piece is held above the acrylic base with acrylic rods that are cut perfectly to length.
Side view of the final model. Most pieces like the PCBs are quite thin, with only the mirror box, spine piece, and outer shell being noticeably thicker.
Top view of the final model.
Front view of the final model. The model appears rather crowded from this perspective as all the different pieces stack together.
Close-up of the font of the model. Focus is placed on the lens mount ring and front shell of the camera.