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Version 1

This is where it all began. I had just started web design back in 2017 and decided to make myself a website. This version never made it past some simple concepts and mockups.

Version one's home page.

Version 2

This is an evolution of version 1 that was developed using Adobe Muse in late 2017. It featured extensive JavaScript code slideshow backgrounds. This version was never published.

Version two's home page.

Version 3

This version abandons slideshow backgrounds in favor of displaying more work. Each project had its own page with completely different designs. The site also uses blue extensively. This version was never published.

Version three's home page.

Version 4

As a spiritual successor to version 3, this version features a lot of the same designs. SVG animations and in-page linking were added to improve user experience. Individual project pages were replaced with one long work page. This version was published in January 2018.

Version four's home page.

Version 5

This is a refinement of version 4 that ditches the blue color scheme. Softer drop shadows and rounded corners result in a more pleasing interface. Images are masked to appear as if they jump out of their container. This version was published in January 2018.

Version five's home page.

Version 6

Version 6 features a compact user interface that resembles a web application. It brought back the blue color scheme along with project progress bars, individual project pages, and a lot of blur effects. This version was published in February 2018.

Version six's home page.

Version 7

This version was developed using Adobe Portfolio Starting with this version, this site takes on a more minimalist style. But, the platform was very limiting, resulting in each page looking similar to their Behance counterpart. This version was published in June 2018.

Version seven's home page.

Version 8

Version 8 was developed on the WordPress platform , which allowed much greater customization. This version has a less generic but still minimalist design that incorporated some blue in its headings. This version was published in August 2018 and maintained until late 2019.

Version eight's home page.

Version 9

This is the version you are viewing now. It ditches the traditional navigation bar, resulting in an extremely minimalist interface. There’s also a greater focus on accessibility and responsiveness, all to allow my work to take center-stage. This version was published in June 2020.

Version nine's home page.



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