Who am I?

I’m Xiangrui Fu, or more commonly known as Richard because no one can pronounce that. I’m a self-taught artist and designer who loves doing this sh*t. I’ve been drawing since 2006 and designing since 2015.

For traditional art, I’ve had the most experience with graphite, colored pencils, and charcoal. Surprisingly, I suck at wet media, which explains why you won’t find any paintings here.

For design, I’ve had the most experience with graphic design and user interface design. I also have experience with web design. I can code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and Python. I’m familiar with most of the Adobe Suite. I’m particularly good with Illustrator.

Fun facts or whatever:

Favorite color:  #11D3E7 

Favorite website: Vladimir Gruev's site

Favorite film: Liz and the Blue Bird

Favorite aircraft: Concorde

Favorite person: ██████



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